We’ve all read many lists of bicycle shops in Singapore, and while we do love the Brompton, we here at unspoken are of the opinion that you already know what it is. Instead, we chose to focus on les well known bicycle shops that offers you some alternatives. Whether you are looking for a road bike to do a round island, a gravel bike to venture into the paths less travelled or a commuter bike to get you to the supermarket, we have got you covered.

No.1 : Coast Cycles

If you’re looking for a beach cruiser, coast cycles is a lesser well known but extremely reputable brand born in Singapore. Although their bikes don’t typically fold, you’ll know that you’re putting your money into a quality product when you go with Coast Cycles. Established in 2014, they have been making these badass bicycles for close to a decade now. While we wouldn’t call their bicycles efficient, or speedy by any means. They are built like a tank! Also, you’ll be sure to turn eyes when riding a Coast Cycles bicycle because they look so darn cool. Check out their range of bicycles at https://sg.coastcycles.com/

No.2: Unspokin

We can’t write an article about 10 hot bicycle shops in Singapore without plugging ourselves. That said, we like to think that we sell awesome city bikes, road bikes and just about anything you would want (we can built a custom bike for you). Unspokin’s focus is on commuting and practicality. We also have an edge in terms of styling, detailing and designing your bicycle to make sure that there is a good balance of comfort, speed and cool. While we currently only do customs, we have designed our very own flagship commuter bike, the Frigate and are in the process of manufacturing our own fleet for you. So do click around our bike shop or drop us a visit. Unspokin also is the authorised dealer in Southeast Asia for Reelights, a battery-free lighting system for your bicycle (regardless of type) so that you’ll never have to worry about charging your bike lights or them running out of battery again. A true match made in heaven for city bikes and even touring bikes. If you would like to be in the know for when our fresh bike drops, do signup to the newsletter at the home page at www.unspokin.com

No.3: Canyon

Canyon needs no introduction as the largest direct to consumer bike shop in the world. This applies to Singapore as well. Instead of going through layers of distributers, sub-distributers and even sub-sub distributers which increases cost to the end consumer through the infinite layer cake, Canyon chooses very deliberately to sell directly to the end consumer. This means that they are able to deliver quality bikes that would typically cost an arm and a leg more if sold under a different brand. Regardless of the type of bicycle you would like, Canyon pretty much has you covered. The only drawback we would say about Canyon is that you don’t typically get to test out the bicycle before buying. That said, this can be circumvented if you know somebody who has a Canyon bike in the same model that you would like to purchase, and you could test ride their bicycle instead. Checkout their website at https://www.canyon.com/en-sg

No.4: Heap Hong & Co

This shop is a modest neighbourhood bike shop that punches well above its weight. Run by two friendly uncles, they’ll be sure to be able to solve any of your bicycle problems or recommend you a perfect bicycle for your needs, especially if you’re on a budget. Watching the uncles at work here is truly like magic as they’ll fix the problem with your bike in the blink of an eye. They sell bikes that are perfect from commuting short distances and even china carbon that packs a mean punch. If you’re looking for a new bicycle definitely checkout this dynamic duo. They also sell a bunch of spare parts that’s really great if you’re out on a ride and you blow a tube or need a tire change/headset tightening. Unfortunately, they do not have a website so we’ll be leaving their address here instead at 683 Tessensohn Rd, #01-113, Singapore 210683

No.5 Decathlon Singapore

We all know somebody that owns a decathlon bikes. That’s because they are cheap and good. There is no denying that. The french megastore has managed to amass such great economies of scale that they are able to deliver super high quality bicycles that their competitors simply can’t match at their price point. Yes, it’s branded decathlon and yes, it’s not a very flashy or well perceived brand but quality is quality. From city bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes and even road bikes, Decathlon truly has it all. We recommend test riding a decathlon bike of similar specifications to that of a competitor’s if you don’t mind the ubiquity in branding. Checkout their range at https://www.decathlon.sg/?m=1
April 24, 2022 — Douglas Koh

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