Disc brakes: What are they? 

Disc brakes are mounted on the hub, and covers quite a broad area from the center and out. Most of our bike lights suit bicycles with disc brakes (CPH fit with brakes up to 180mm in diameter and Hub lights up to 160mm), however, AMS does not fit, as the bracket is not long enough. Also, you must be aware of choosing the model suitable for disc brakes, when choosing Hub Lights on the website.



V-brakes / Caliper brakes

V-brakes and Caliper brakes are mounted on the top of the wheel. When positioned here, it does not interfere much with the bike lights, regardless of where they are placed. Therefore, most of our bike lights are suitable if you have a bike with either V-brakes or Caliper brakes.



Roller brakes

If you have a bike with roller brakes then you can choose either bike light produced by us. The roller brake is positioned on the hub just like the disc brake, however, it is not as broad as the disc brake. Therefore, it does not interfere with the bike lights.