Not everything in cycling has to cost an arm and a leg. I mean, you can't upgrade your bike and your kit without breaking the bank. So, in this blog post, I am gonna go through some of the least costly items that you can buy that give a good bang for your buck. Right, let's kick things off with something that a lot of you will be very familiar with.

Bicycle Accessory No.1: Phone apps

Yes, you read that right. And what can be more of a bargain than something that's free? There are loads out there that can be a great cycling accessory. For example, Komoot is and google maps are navigational and route planning apps that many people keep banging on about. But there are plenty of others out there. For example, Strava. These apps all reap the same benefits as an on the bike computer without actually having an on the bike computer. Sounds like a good idea? So you've downloaded and installed your app. Yes, I did have to help my grandmother install hers. But now, you wanna put it into practice on the open roads. And I mean, yes it does fit in fine in your back pocket, but wouldn't you like to sit? So this is where the next hack on this list comes in handy. 


Bicycle Accessory No.2: A handlebar phone mount

A phone holder, or mount, with the right app, can display your distance, speed, time, and you'll even be able to read this blog while out on the open roads. No, I probably wouldn't recommend that. Personally, I would still go for the GPS head mount. But there's no denying that this is a much cheaper alternative. 


Bicycle Accessory No.3: Latex

No, not that kind of latex. I mean cycling specific latex. I'm talking about latex inner tubes. Not only are they cheap, they also reduce rolling resistance. Meaning you can save up to 10 watts. So pound for pound, this is the cheapest and most effective way of upgrading your bike.


Bicycle Accssory No.4: Casquette

Not only is it a fashion accessory. But it's also perfect for wet, cold, and sunny weather. I'm talking about a casquette (AKA cycling hat). It is an iconic cycling accessory. I mean, it's not the most fashionable thing. And for non cyclists, it won’t make it all the way to the top of GQ's Top Tips. But it is incredibly effective. The real question is, pique down, or up? 

Bicycle Hack No.5: Quality bicycle lights

On the bike lights. I'm talking about a rear and a front light. Now these are often overlooked for the people who don't really ride in the dark. But they're an extremely effective accessory. And especially to keep you safe, no matter what the condition. You can pick these up for not a lot of money. And, yes, for us here in Singapore where the weather's not dependable. It is a perfect accessory. 

Bicycle Hack No.6: A multi-tool

The next thing we're talking about is a multi-tool. Super useful to have out on the bike. It can fix, change, tweak, the multi-tool does it all. It's a small price to pay to be able to fix your bike while out on the road. 
Checkout: Decathlon Multitool

Bicycle Hack No.7: An ass saver (clip on-mudguard)

An Ass Saver, let's be honest there's nothing worse than getting a wet ass. Well, actually, a few things spring to mind. But nevertheless, getting a wet ass, is, well, just horrendous. This is when the Ass Saver comes into its own. An ass saviour, if you will. It stops the spray of water coming off your rear wheel onto your backside. It's a small price to pay to be able to, well, have a dry ass. It's not as effective as full mud guards, but it's cheap and it's easy to remove on those dry, nice weather rides. 

Bicycle Accessory No.8: A saddlebag

I'm a less is more kind of guy. I don't wanna be weighed down with things in my pockets like tubes, pumps, food, et cetera. And this is where the saddlebag comes into its own. Think of all the little things you can pack into here. Tubes, tire levers, patches, chocolate, and even money for the cafe. There are plenty out there that don't carry a heavy price tag. I prefer the small, neat, stylish looking ones. But you can also go for the bigger ones for those longer rides. 

Bicycle Accessory No.9: Bar Tape

The next thing we're talking about is bar tape. Probably the best way to instantly transform the look of your bike. And you can even push the boats out and get fleurer looking bar tape that really creates that wow factor. I personally love the white crystal looking bar tape. I mean it was great for one ride. Or two.

Bicycle Accessory No.10: A quality Bicycle Lock

Now, on top of any commuter cyclist’s list should be a good quality bicycle lock. I personally would go for Two in fact. A heavy duty U-lock and a Chain lock so that I can secure both wheels to the frame. But there are plenty out there. There even are options out there with a finger print code if you are into that kind of stuff. 


So, we've come to the end of our lists of bargain bike bits. And if you've got any great suggestions that you think that we should add to our list, then make sure you put it in the comment section below!

April 17, 2022 — Douglas Koh

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