Cycling to school is set to become even more convenient and accessible for residents and active mobility users in Singapore. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced the next phase of its Islandwide Cycling Network (ICN) programme, which will see the construction of new cycling paths in seven towns. This initiative aims to improve active travel connectivity and infrastructure across the country, expanding the cycling path network to span 1,300km by 2030. With these developments, eight in 10 Housing and Development Board (HDB) residents will be within minutes of their nearest cycling path network, supporting green commutes by walking, cycling, and riding.

New Cycling Paths and Improved Connectivity

The new cycling paths will be built in Geylang, Hougang, Kaki Bukit, Marine Parade, Potong Pasir, Sengkang, and Serangoon. These paths will not only connect residents to key amenities such as transport nodes, neighbourhood centres, and schools but also improve cycling links between towns. The projects are expected to be progressively completed from 2024, providing residents with more comprehensive cycling networks in their neighbourhoods.

To accommodate the planned infrastructure, existing footpaths will be widened to create more space for walking and cycling. However, due to space constraints in these mature, built-up towns, some adjustments may be necessary. This could involve repurposing road space and making changes to facilities like drains, bus stops, and staircases. LTA will work closely with other agencies to assess the technical feasibility of these options and engage relevant stakeholders before implementing any changes.

Progress and Challenges

Despite challenges brought on by the pandemic, LTA has made steady progress towards its goal of expanding the cycling path network. In the past two years, over 30km of cycling paths have been completed in six towns across Singapore, increasing the network's total length to over 530km. This has improved inter-town active mobility connectivity, allowing cyclists to travel from Geylang to the city via the Geylang Park Connector and from Ang Mo Kio to the city via the Kallang Park Connector.

Supporting Infrastructure for Active Commutes

In addition to building new cycling paths, LTA is implementing supporting infrastructure to encourage active commutes. This includes the provision of bicycle parking facilities. Currently, there are 254,000 bicycle parking spaces across the island, and LTA plans to add 3,000 more bicycle parking lots at MRT stations by 2025. Other supporting infrastructure, such as bicycle crossings, wheeling ramps, and map boards, will also be implemented to enhance the cycling experience.

Fostering a Safe and Responsible Active Mobility Culture

LTA recognizes the importance of education and outreach in fostering a safe and responsible active mobility culture. Alongside infrastructural enhancements, LTA will continue its efforts to educate the public about the rules and etiquette of cycling and other active mobility modes. This will ensure that cyclists, pedestrians, and other road users can coexist harmoniously and safely.

Cycling to school in Singapore is set to become easier and more convenient with the implementation of the Islandwide Cycling Network programme. The construction of new cycling paths in seven towns, along with the supporting infrastructure, will improve active travel connectivity and encourage green commutes. By expanding the cycling path network and providing convenient amenities like bicycle parking facilities, LTA aims to make cycling a viable and attractive mode of transportation for residents. With ongoing education and outreach efforts, a safe and responsible active mobility culture will be fostered, ensuring the well-being of all road users.

January 21, 2024 — Douglas Koh

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