Family Cycling in Singapore is a popular activity that allows families to explore the city while enjoying the outdoors. With its well-connected network of cycling paths and scenic routes, Singapore provides a safe and enjoyable environment for cyclists of all ages. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, there are plenty of options available for a fun and memorable family cycling experience.

Why Choose Family Cycling in Singapore?

Cycling is a great way to spend quality time with your family while staying active and healthy. Singapore offers a range of family-friendly cycling routes that cater to different skill levels and interests. Here are some reasons why family cycling in Singapore is a fantastic choice:

  1. Safe Cycling Infrastructure: Singapore has an extensive network of dedicated cycling paths and park connectors that provide a safe and car-free environment for cyclists. These paths are well-maintained and clearly marked, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for the whole family.

  2. Scenic Routes: Whether you prefer a leisurely ride along the waterfront or a scenic route through nature parks, Singapore has it all. From the iconic East Coast Park to the lush greenery of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, there are plenty of beautiful places to explore on your bikes.

  3. Bike Rental Services: If you don't own a bike, don't worry! There are several bike rental services available in Singapore that offer a wide range of bicycles for all ages. You can easily rent bikes for the whole family and embark on your cycling adventure.

  4. Family-Friendly Facilities: Many parks and recreational areas in Singapore provide family-friendly facilities such as bike racks, rest areas, and food outlets. These amenities make your cycling experience more convenient and enjoyable, allowing you to take breaks and refuel when needed.

Now that you know why family cycling in Singapore is a great choice, let's explore some of the best cycling routes and activities available for families.

Family-Friendly Cycling Routes

1. East Coast Park

The East Coast Park is one of the most popular cycling destinations in Singapore. This scenic coastal park spans over 15 kilometers and offers a wide, paved cycling path that is perfect for families. You can rent bikes from the various rental shops along the park and enjoy a leisurely ride while taking in the beautiful sea views. There are also plenty of rest areas, playgrounds, and food outlets along the way, making it an ideal spot for a family day out.

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a great place for a family cycling adventure. The gardens feature a dedicated cycling path that takes you through lush greenery and beautiful landscapes. You can explore the different sections of the gardens, including the National Orchid Garden, and enjoy a peaceful ride surrounded by nature. Remember to bring your own bikes as there are no rental services available within the gardens.

3. Pulau Ubin

For a more adventurous family cycling experience, head to Pulau Ubin. This rustic island is located off the northeastern coast of Singapore and offers a unique cycling experience. You can take a bumboat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Pulau Ubin and rent bikes from the shops near the jetty. Explore the island's scenic trails, mangrove forests, and traditional kampong villages while immersing yourself in the island's rich natural heritage.

4. Pasir Ris Park

Pasir Ris Park is another family-friendly destination that offers a variety of recreational activities, including cycling. The park features a dedicated cycling path that runs along the coastline, offering beautiful views of the beach and the sea. You can rent bikes from the nearby rental shops and enjoy a relaxing ride while exploring the park's lush greenery and picnic areas. There are also several playgrounds and a water play area for the kids to enjoy.

Family Cycling Activities and Events

Apart from the scenic cycling routes, Singapore also hosts various family cycling activities and events throughout the year. These events provide a great opportunity for families to come together and enjoy the thrill of cycling. Here are some popular family cycling activities and events in Singapore:

1. Car-Free Sunday

Car-Free Sunday is a monthly event that takes place on the last Sunday of every month. During this event, selected roads in the city are closed to traffic, allowing cyclists and pedestrians to take over the streets. Families can participate in guided cycling tours, enjoy street performances, and explore the city's landmarks on their bikes. Car-Free Sunday promotes a car-lite lifestyle and encourages families to embrace cycling as a sustainable mode of transport.

2. Family Cycling Workshops

Various organizations and cycling groups in Singapore organize family cycling workshops to promote safe cycling practices and skills. These workshops provide valuable tips and guidance on cycling techniques, road safety, and bike maintenance. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced cyclists and are a great way to improve your family's cycling skills while having fun.

3. Cycling Festivals

Singapore hosts several cycling festivals throughout the year, where families can participate in fun-filled activities and competitions. These festivals often feature bike races, bike parades, and interactive booths that provide information on cycling and eco-friendly initiatives. They are a great way to immerse yourself in the cycling community and meet like-minded families who share the same passion for cycling.


Family cycling in Singapore offers a fantastic opportunity for families to bond, stay active, and explore the city's beautiful landscapes. With its safe cycling infrastructure, scenic routes, and family-friendly facilities, Singapore provides an ideal environment for a memorable cycling experience. So grab your bikes, gather your family, and embark on an exciting adventure through the vibrant streets and parks of Singapore. It's time to pedal your way to fun and create lasting memories together!

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February 08, 2024 — Douglas Koh

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