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You feel like you've tried everything, but it seems like no matter what you do, you just can't get your rear end to be comfortable while you ride your bike. The saddle is the most important component to get right, and it can make or break how much you enjoy riding your bike. Here's how to choose the saddle that'll be best for you. 

Life is short, but that doesn't make it shorter, so be sure to ride your bike every day. Be sure to read until the end of the article, where I'll give a few of my saddle recommendations that a lot of people find comfortable on any budget. 

Width of your bicycle saddle

There are three main things to keep in mind. The foremost is the width, and the shape of the saddle width of a hundred and sixty millimetres is a good width for a lot of people as that only needs to be wide enough to support your sit bones and be comfortable. One hundred sixty millimetres is a good starting point, but you can go wider or narrower depending on your riding style, riding position and physique. If you have a more upright and relaxed riding style, it's a good idea to get a flatter and wider saddle whereas if you have a more aggressive and forward leaning riding position, it's a good idea to go for something narrower and rounder. Also if your thighs are more toned and skinnier, a wide and flat saddle may be more comfortable whereas if you have huge bulky horse thighs, then a rounder saddle where your thighs won't rub up against the edge of the saddle might be more comfortable. But the question is how narrow is too narrow? How wide is too wide? 


In general it's a safe bet to err on the side of a wider saddle you can get a narrower saddle but if it is too narrow then it can be painful or as wider saddles generally tend to be more comfortable. Best way to find out your ideal saddle width is to measure your sit bones and you can do that by clicking this link here the width and the shape in the saddle are the most important factors for comfort. Another important factor is how narrow the noses the nose should be narrow enough to not rub your thighs when you're pedaling and the third important feature to look out for is to make the saddle isn't too squishy. It is 100% a myth that a squishier softer saddle is more comfortable what makes us that comfortable is not how soft it is but rather how well it supports at your weight. 

For example, if you've ever sat on a couch where it's just way too soft and you completely sink in it doesn't support you properly, and it puts pressure in all the wrong places, the same thing goes for a saddle that's too soft. So make sure that the settle that you're looking at isn't too squishy. Those are the three most important factors for a comfortable saddle having a width and a shape that's right for you having a nose that's narrow enough where it won't rub your thighs when you're pedalling and making sure that it's not too squishy. 

Consider a cutout for your bike saddle

But there are also some secondary factors that come into play when your saddle shopping you may be considering a cutout cutouts in the middle of the saddle to relieve pressure on your couch credits are especially good for longer rides. There usually really aren't any negative side effects to having them other than some people don't like the look of them. So if you're experiencing an unreasonable amount of gooch pain during your rides, it may be a good idea for you to get a cut out since it won't really hurt, but it could make your rides a whole lot better.

Try Women's saddles

Another secondary thing to consider are women's saddles. Women's saddles are generally standard saddles that are wider and have shorter noses don't let the name fool you though just because they're labeled women's doesn't mean that they're just for women. If you find that saddles are too narrow for your sit bone width, then you might want to look into getting a woman's saddle that will accommodate your needs it could just be more comfortable. A secondary thing to consider is the rails which affect the weights. There are three main different materials for saddle rails. The first is chromo steel, second is titanium, and the third of course is carbon fiber. The different rail types don't change how comfortable the saddle is they just change the weights and the price, so if you don't care too much about weights go for a chromo saddle. It will be just as comfortable as the more expensive counterparts. 

Bike saddle reccomendations for comfortable rides

Now here are our comfortable saddle recommendations that work for most people. Your mileage may vary, ranging from the least to the most expensive first step on the list at $30.00 is the charge spoon. It is 140 millimeters wide which is narrower and will be better for aggressive riding. With that said it's still on the wider end of race saddles, making it more comfortable it has a flat shape with rounded edges which make it comfortable for most people assuming you're not somebody with super muscular thighs or somebody with super scrawny thighs. It has a narrow nose so it won't rub your thighs while you're pedaling and it also checks off the third important feature to look for. It's not too squishy, and those three things about it make it a comfortable saddle for a lot of people and it doesn't hurt that it looks good and comes in a few different colors too.

I've got to mention my favorite title of all time on this list and that is the Brooks c-17 cambium. At around $100 the c-17 cambium measures in at 162 millimeters wide which is part of the reason it has been the most comfortable saddle for me. What makes the cambium unique though is that it's made out of vulcanized rubber instead of plastic that most saddles are made of. Meaning that the rubber will Bend and flex to gently hammock your buttocks in your Gooch. It's just as comfortable, and I would argue that it's even more comfortable than a leather Brooks saddle it's also cheaper less maintenance doesn't take any time to break in. This is the best saddle I have ever used.


Final words on choosing the right bicycle saddle for you

Go out and try a bunch of different saddles here are a few considerations first going knowing that you're going to have to try out a bunch of different saddles before you find one that you really click with. Again saddles are the most personal component on the bike; it's influenced a lot by your riding style your ride position, your personal, physique and your tolerances for comfort. A whole bunch of other factors will make what may be right for me not be right for you. But do know that there is a saddle out there that will help you enjoy riding your bike more. 

Also keep in mind that your saddle that you have might not actually suck. Saddle position is super important, so play with the saddle angle before you commit to purchasing a new saddle. Because even the most comfortable saddles are uncomfortable if the angle is wrong for your body the saddle that you have might be perfectly comfortable but you just might need to find the right angle and what type of riding position and riding style do you have and what saddle has been the most comfortable for you. 

Let's get a discussion going on in the comments so we can help those out looking for their dream saddle. And as always, if you need help looking for that dream saddle, please feel free to reach out to us!

December 14, 2022 — Victor Tong

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