Here it is, our definitive list of the best bicycle shops in Singapore for every category of bike and every type of cyclist. People often ask "what is the best bicycle?" or "which bike shop is best?". Honestly, the answer to this question is it depends.

While it may sound like a cop-out answer this really is true. The best bicycle or bike shop would really differ based on a person's intended use and needs. Accordingly, our article seeks to distinguish itself from all other listicles out there by leveraging our unique position as a generalist bike shop to direct you towards the best bike shops for your individual needs.

While some of our competitors might find it strange that we are creating a list of other bike shops, our belief is that as long as more people are cycling, everybody wins!

Our guide of Best Bike Shops in Singapore By Type of Bicycle

Without further ado, here is our list of best bike shops in Singapore in 2023:

1. Unspokin - Best for Commuters, City Bikes, Bicycle Repairs & Maintenance

Unspokin Bike Shop Singapore

Let's address the elephant in the room and get this out of the way. We couldn't make a list without including ourselves in it because we firmly believe that we are one of the best at what we do.

Our specialisation is our generalisation. Unspokin will help make your journey from point A to B on a bicycle easier and smoother than ever before. We also sell value for money quality second-hand bikes, that have been upcycled and restored to their former glory. This includes, road bikes, folding bikes, city bikes and more!

In fact, Unspokin has even designed and manufactured a belt-driven city bicycle called the Frigate for this very purpose! This bicycle even comes in a straight top tube version for those that prefer this aesthetic.

The bicycles here offer premium quality at a reasonable price tag. While the bikes here won't be the cheapest that you can find on the market, they'll certain punch way above their price.

Overall, whether you have a blown tube, need some modifications done or want to build a custom bike up from scratch, Unspokin has got you covered. Checkout their bike repairs and services page and book and appointment if you have an issue. They take in all types of bikes from Pinarellos to Pikes even if these bikes were not purchased from them.

Bonus: Unspokin also regular conducts bicycle events such as commuting workshops and group rides, so be sure to sign up for their mailing list if you would like to be kept in the know and meet like-minded individuals.

Who we recommend Unspokin for: Everyday commuters, city-bike lovers and folks who need general repairs and maintenance without breaking the bank.

Price Range: $$ to $$$

2. Brompton Junction Singapore - Best for Folding Bikes

Brompton Junction Singapore

This shop doesn't need any introduction, especially after the folding bike boom during the Covid Era. Out of all the folding bikes there is no competitor by and far. 

There is a unique quality in the Brompton in terms of how it folds and rides. If you're a fan of the folding bike, it may be well worth the extra cash to purchase one of these bad boys.

Shopping at Brompton Junction in Singapore is always a treat because they are conveniently located in Funan Mall, and the friendly staff will be there during their opening hours to guide you along even if you know nothing about bicycles or folding bikes.

While we have tried some other tri-fold bikes in the market, our humble opinion is to get a brompton unless you can't afford one!

Personally, I would ride a 700c bike over a folding bike any day because of the comfort and effeciency that it provides over bikes with smaller wheels. That said, if i had to pick a folding bike to ride, the Brompton would no doubt be my weapon of choice.

The junction also offers a full suite of accessories such as bags, baskets, pedals and more to customise your bike and optimise it for your daily commutes or weekend rides!

Who the Brompton Junction is for: Folks who would like folding bikes.

Price Range: $$$ - $$$$$

3. Cycle Project Store - For High Performance Fixed Gears & Single Speed Bikes

This bike shop is hardly the new kid on the block. If you have a decent budget & money isn't the primary concern for you, this would be your go-to store. This bike shop truly is wonderful with an assortment of bike parts that brings back the feeling of being a kid in a candy store.

It truly is a bike otaku's dream. With high-end frames from well-known brands such as Surly and Engine 11, it's hard to not find what you would like for a single-speed or fixed-gear build at this shop.

Who Cycle Project Store is for: Fixed gear and single speed bike enthusiasts who would love to customise their bikes with a high degree of personalisation.

Price range: $$$ to $$$$

4. Decathlon - Best Value Bikes for Those on a Budget

Decathlon Bicycle Singapore

If you don't mind riding a bike that is the same as the guy next door, decathlon might be the best place for you! While their budget range typically doesnt offer you the best quality or riding experience out there, it is good enough for most folks.

For example, their Tilt 100  folding bike is a hard bargain to beat. Where else can you find a fully functioning and decent folding bike for just $219?

Granted a folding bike from a shop like Brompton would ride a lot better, but bear in mind that you would be paying about 10% the price in comparison. So what we are trying to say is don't write off Decathlon, because their bikes will be right for many folks in the market.

Who Decathlon is for: People on a tight budget and don't mind using a bike that many others are using.

Price range: $ - $$

5. Coast Cycles - Best for Laid-back Beach Cruisers

Coast Cycles Singapore

No list of best bicycle shops can be complete without legendary Singapore-born and bred Coast cycles!

Coast Cycles have managed to blend style and function in perfect harmony with their sleek and stylish beach cruisers. The brand has found much success in the States and makes every Singapore bike shop proud.

While the company's main focus is now e-bikes they still have regular bikes that are 100% legal to ride in Singapore available.

Regardless of whether you end up purchasing one, the fact is that we can't deny that their buzzraw is super cool. 

Who Coast Cycles is for: cyclists who want to be different and showcase their unique and edgy personalities.

Price range: $$$ - $$$$$

6. Built Wheels - Best for Lacing Custom Wheels

Built Wheels Singapore

If you can't quite find the right wheelset for your bicycle project right off the market, fret not. Built Wheels has got you covered!

These folks take the craft of building wheels seriously. In fact, so seriously that it's enshrined in their name.

They also have a huge variety of hubs, rims, spoke and nipple options.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a greater variety in a physical space in Singapore. How it works is that you have to make an appointment with them and through a consultation process, they'll recommend you the right parts for the job.

You'll then be able to expect to receive your very own custom set of wheels to suite your riding style.

Who Built Wheels if for: advanced cyclists who would like custom-made wheels.

Price range: $$ - $$$$$

7. Hello, Bicycle! - Best for Children's Bicycles and Accessories!

Hello Bicycle Shop Singapore

Hello bicycle is a shop that has a large range of bicycles including city bikes. Perhaps what is most impressive about this shop is the selection of bikes & accessories for kids available.

Not only do they have balance bikes, They also have an assortment of kids' bikes and even child seats.

This is a great shop to go to if you're in the market for a weekend bike or are a casual rider.

Who Hello Bicycle is for: Parents looking to buy their kids a quality bicycle to keep them safe

Price Range: $$ - $$$

8. Blue Lug - Best for purely awesome customised bicycles of all shapes and sizes (they ship to Singapore)

Crust Bicycle

Well technically not in Singapore we had to give Blue Lug a special mention because you could get their products & bicycles shipped directly to you. Of course that is if you don't mind paying a little more for shipping and GST.

Starting of as a single speed and fixed gear specialist, they have since expanded their range to a broad spectrum of products that covers everything.

When we say everything we mean really almost everything. From panniers to racks, to headsets, hubs, rims frames and handlebars - if you can name it, Blue Lug has most probably got it.

Seriously, they carry brands like Nitto, Chris King, Fairweather, Crust, Rivendale, Surley and more!

Not to mention that their shipping times are crazy fast as they get everything to you by courrier (it can even be faster than buying bike parts through Lazada or Shopee).

Who Blue Lug is for: bike otakus who want to ride the coolest bike in town, or individuals looking for rare parts that can't be found in Singapore.

Price Range: $$$ - $$$$$$

9. MiniMotors - Best shop for E-bikes

Venom E bike Singapore

No article on bicycle shops in Singapore would be complete without a recommendation for electric bicycles.

E-bikes or Power Assisted Bicycles (as the LTA likes to call them) are great because they help you get around from point a to point b with ease, and can even help you get further than you would have imagined you were capable off!

Don't think that riding an e-bike is effortless though. You'll still be able to get in a good workout and work up a light sweat on an e-bike.

MiniMotors is at the fore-front of e-bikes in Singapore as they provide a huge variety of LTA approved e-bikes.

Even if you have never heard of MiniMotors before, i'll make a bet that you have seen their iconic Venom range of e-bikes that is extremely popular among food delivery riders.

By the way, if you would like to ride an e-bike you'll have to get a license before you can. You can find out more here at LTA's website.

Who MiniMotors is for: Those looking to purchase an LTA approved E-bike

Price Range: $$ - $$$$

10. Tay Junction - Best for Road Bikes & Sports Cyclists

Giant Bicycle Singapore

Tay Junction is the top destination in Singapore for quality bicycles, specializing in the renowned Giant and Liv brands.

They cater to serious cyclists seeking reliable and high-performance options.

Discover Giant bicycles, known for their cutting-edge designs and durability. For women cyclists, Tay Junction proudly presents Liv bicycles. Designed exclusively for women.

Having been around for over a decade, their professionalism speaks for itself.

Who Tay Junction is for: People interested in getting a new and high-quality road bike at a good price

Price Range: $$$ - $$$$$$

11. Rodalink - Best for Mountain Bikes


Marin Mountain Bike

This shop has an extensive collection of mountain bikes that you may purchase. In fact, their collection is so huge that you may get confused at what to buy.

Not to worry - their sales assistants should be able to find out what you would like and point you in the right direction.

They hold awesome brands such as Polygon and Marin so you can't really go wrong with any purchase decision you make if you're looking for a reliable mountain bike to hit the trails!

Who Roadlink is for: People looking to get into mountain biking

Price Range: $$ - $$$$$$

Go Forth and visit the best bike shops Singapore has to offer!

Armed with the knowledge in this article, we hope we have managed to point you in the right direction and save you precious time in your hunt for the perfect bicycle.

If you need help finding the right bike for you, please feel free to drop us a line via whatsapp or by email!

Otherwise, stay safe and happy cycling!

June 12, 2023 — Victor Tong

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