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Second Hand Road Bikes but Better

Our second hand road bikes are more than just used bikes. They have been up-cycled into better versions of their past selves. Drop by for a test ride and find the perfect road bike for you at an incredible value, while doing your part for our mother Earth. Read more about Project Up-Cycle and our sustainability efforts here.

What distinguishes a Road Bike from other Bicycles?

A road bike is as the name suggests, built for cycling on the road. This means that these bikes are generally built for speed on tarmac over everything else. A result is that the geometry of the frames will be built in such a way that the rider is engaged in a more aggressive riding position. This is to allow him or her to be more aerodynamic as wind resitiance becomes a huge problem once you start to hit speeds of around 25km per hour and faster.

Road bikes also tend to come equipped with thinner tires (23c to 28c) to reduce rolling resistance as speed is a priority. If you need advise on whether a road bike is right for you, or if a particular road bike in our catalogue will fit you, please feel free to drop us a message or visit us in store!