Need to make some calculations for your bike? Use one of our nifty bike calculators! Currently, we have a gear ratio calculator for bikes and a fixed gear bike skid patch calculator. We've done the math for you so you don't have to crack your head. We'll be adding more calculators soon to come, such as a wheel spoke length calculator for building our own wheel, calorie burn calculator and more.

Convenient Bicycle Calculators at Your Service

Gear Ratio Calculator

Find out your ideal gear ratio to suite your daily commute with a few easy clicks!

Skid Patch Calculator

Find out how many skid patches you have on your fixed gear bike or whether you should swap out your chain ring or rear cog. Extend the lifespan of your tires with ease.

Spoke Length Calculator

Looking to build your first wheel or a veteran wheel builder looking for quick and accurate calculations? Use this spoke length calculator to get your new bike up and running!