CIO Battery-Free Bicycle Light by Reelight

CIO Battery-Free Bicycle Light by Reelight

In today’s blogpost, we are sharing with you more about the CIO battery-free bike light and how it can make your cycling so much more enjoyable. If you have ever gone out on a ride to find that your bike light batteries are flat or if you forgot to charge your USB powered bike lights, this will never happen again.

Never Forget to Charge your Bike Light Again, Forget USB powered bike lights

Riding a bike can be very dangerous when you don't have a light and that's where the CIO comes in. So the reelight CIO is a bicycle light that works via magnets. You connect magnets to the spokes on your wheel and the light to your fork or seat stays. Every the magnets reaches or passes the CIO bicycle light, it will light up. That way, as your wheels are constantly spinning when you are riding your bicycle, your lights will constantly be flashing. No batteries needed!
The Battery-Free Bike Lights Will Still Flash at Traffic Lights
And you're probably wondering whether stopping at traffic lights will cause the lights to cut off and stop flashing. Due to the reposer technology, the CIO bicycle battery-free lights will continue to flash for up to two minutes after the bike stops. This is longer than the stopping time at any traffic light that we know if. So these bicycle lights actually charges itself and stores the energy when you’re riding. Yeah so the magnets are very strong which allows them to generate a bright light. If you are interested to learn more about the physics behind the CIO battery-free bike lights, check out this video by Reelight which explains this in more detail. There’s a red flashing light for the back and a white flashing light for the front.

The best way to connect CIO Bike Light by Reelight, You don't Need a Bike Shop to Do it

The connecting process for this easy and fast. There are 2 components to this, installing the magnet to the spoke and anyone (regardless of skill level in terms of how good you are with your hands) can set this up. The first step would be to choose a spoke and attach the magnet to your spoke. You can use the allen key that is provided with the CIO and set it up simply. Make sure that it is tight but not too tight such that it damages your spokes. Next drape the wire around your fork or seat stay at a height that matches the magnet and tighten the wire using the allen key until it is firmly attached but not overly secure. You can then use the coin given in the packaging as a spacer to determine the proper length between the magnet and the bike light to determine the final distance between both elements before fully tightening the CIO bike light. Once tightened, the light would not move and you won’t need to worry about it budging.
If you are more of a visual learner, Reelight has many videos showing you how to install it. It only takes a few minutes to set up this bike light that will last over a thousand hours.

Are these Bike Lights Bright?

The magnets are pretty powerful and the flashing is really bright such that any other road user will be able to identify you with no problems whatsoever. This may not be the perfect solution only if you need a light to view the floor below you to be illuminated. In places such as Singapore where paths are well lit all over, they are the perfect solution as they allow you to be seen without blinding anyone else who may be sharing the path or road with you. The reelight battery-free bicycle light is the perfect brightness.

Do Bike Lights Fit Bromptons and Other Folding Bikes/ Should I Buy This Bike Light?

As we know, the world of bicycles is full of many quirks and differing “standards”. It is impossible to say whether a the CIO will fit this broad category of folding bikes. That said, as it fits all bikes with round spokes. It can be installed on almost all Bromptons and folding bikes. That said, if you regularly fold your folding bike, the CIO may be knocked out of position and may have to be re-adjusted each time. Accordingly, in this case we typically recommend the AMS for Bromptons as it is the best battery-free bicycle light for Bromptons and most folding bikes.

Have you tried the CIO bike light for yourself? Visit our bike shop to pick one up now here in Singapore if you have not. If you have tried it for yourself, let us know down in the comments below what your experience was. Did you find the lights bright enough? Was it easy or difficult to install. How durable have you found our lights to be? Let us know in the comments down below!

May 05, 2022

The Problem of Abandoned Bicycles

Its an age old problem which has been plaguing cities around the globe. Abandoned bicycles. We see at least 1 every day and are so familiar with the sight that it doesn't even appear like a problem. Take a moment to consider these facts from Statista.

Even in countries like the Netherlands and cities like Amsterdam, the city council faces similar problems with abandoned bicycles due to our toxic consumerist culture. As long as there are humans, this problem will persist unless more humans are able to change their mindset about waste and consumerism.

364,000 bicycles are produced daily. 

That’s 15,000 per hour, or 253 a minute, or 4 bikes a second.

  • 47 670 bicycles are being sold daily. Yes, every two seconds, someone will buy a bicycle. That's about every time your heart beats.
  • Every 19th person in the world buys a bicycle each year. That's every other person in your primary school class.
  • The production numbers for bicycles are 2.5x higher than for cars.
 This means 132 million bicycles are globally produced in a year. 
  • Around 15 million bicycles end up discarded by their owners every year, according to Unfortunately, a large number of these bicycles end up in landfills.

That means that on top of the bicycles which are accounted for and disposed an additional 117 million bicycles are leaving the assembly line each year. How is this possible and how is it sustainable? 

How many orphaned bicycles are there in Singapore?

Back to Singapore. Thanks for the data Town Council! In Tampines, sources show that an average of 2.3 derelict bicycles per HDB block were found during a 1 month period from 8th July to 15th August 2008. This is miniscule and only applicable to Tampines which is already the cycling capital of Singapore.
However, it does allow us a glimpse at what the HDB is facing throughout the nation. If we consider the number of HDB blocks in Singapore as of 2021 at 1.09 million. It reveals the scale of the issue, we don't event need to explain further. Let alone, these are only HDB blocks and we haven't even reached the MRT Station. Singapore is a tiny speck in this vast world but for a country as small as ours to facing this issue, one can only imagine the scale globally.

Why you should care about abandoned bicycles

Simply put, it affects you as much as it affects the next person. Nobody likes walking pass a piece of trash that is slowly rotting in the rain. It is unsightly and ruins your day ever so slightly. The same can be said about an abandoned bicycle. Furthermore, abandoned bicycles are bad for the environment as it is a piece of the pie that makes up our collective waste. We all feel the earth getting hotter, at times to almost unbearable levels. Participating in this culture of waste will only make it worst. While this problem that humanity is facing extends well beyond bicycles, we like to think that bicycles are as good a place as any other to start taking on this gargantuan problem.

A bicycle is a vehicle of joy and it should not be laid to rest in a graveyard of bicycles (and other junk), when it can be restored given the proper attention care and love (and quality components). We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship to take old frames and components and giving them a second lease of life such they they often feel better than riding new bicycles because these bicycles carry a story and a legacy with them.

Our Bicycle Philosophy

As a business that is focused on a cycling driven lifestyle, we believe in everything cycling. This includes getting around by bicycle. Enjoying cycling. Also, it includes, recycling and up-cycling. Literally. This is because everything comes in cycles and we should do our part to protect these cycles. This leads us to an opportune time to share more about our project for up-cycling bicycles.

In line with our goal of getting more people on bicycles for their daily commutes and focusing on our capability to restore bicycles, Project Up-Cycle is all about turning one man's trash into another's treasure. We accept donations of old and  abandoned bicycles so we can give them a second life. This in turn not only reduces waste but brings us as a nation closer to our goals of going green. 

The Circular Economy and the Unspoken Bicycle Movement

Here at Unspokin we believe in making old things new again. The future is a circular economy and our wheels are headed in that direction. We currently, as a human race take from mother Earth. We make products from the ground and throw them away as waste way before their lifespan is over. We don't doubt the this process goes in a straight line. However, this same process can be circular. If we stop the waste being produced in the first place by eliminating waste and pollution, circulating our "waste products and materials" and regenerate nature. Together, we can become part of a resilient self regenerating system that is good for you, mother nature and mankind.

If you have a project that you're working on to make an old bicycle new, please share in the comments below. Join the Unspokin movement today! 

May 04, 2022

5 Best Singapore Bicycle Shops other than Brompton


We’ve all read many lists of bicycle shops in Singapore, and while we do love the Brompton, we here at unspoken are of the opinion that you already know what it is. Instead, we chose to focus on les well known bicycle shops that offers you some alternatives. Whether you are looking for a road bike to do a round island, a gravel bike to venture into the paths less travelled or a commuter bike to get you to the supermarket, we have got you covered.

No.1 : Coast Cycles

If you’re looking for a beach cruiser, coast cycles is a lesser well known but extremely reputable brand born in Singapore. Although their bikes don’t typically fold, you’ll know that you’re putting your money into a quality product when you go with Coast Cycles. Established in 2014, they have been making these badass bicycles for close to a decade now. While we wouldn’t call their bicycles efficient, or speedy by any means. They are built like a tank! Also, you’ll be sure to turn eyes when riding a Coast Cycles bicycle because they look so darn cool. Check out their range of bicycles at

No.2: Unspokin

We can’t write an article about 10 hot bicycle shops in Singapore without plugging ourselves. That said, we like to think that we sell awesome city bikes, road bikes and just about anything you would want (we can built a custom bike for you). Unspokin’s focus is on commuting and practicality. We also have an edge in terms of styling, detailing and designing your bicycle to make sure that there is a good balance of comfort, speed and cool. While we currently only do customs, we have designed our very own flagship commuter bike, the Frigate and are in the process of manufacturing our own fleet for you. So do click around our bike shop or drop us a visit. Unspokin also is the authorised dealer in Southeast Asia for Reelights, a battery-free lighting system for your bicycle (regardless of type) so that you’ll never have to worry about charging your bike lights or them running out of battery again. A true match made in heaven for city bikes and even touring bikes. If you would like to be in the know for when our fresh bike drops, do signup to the newsletter at the home page at

No.3: Canyon

Canyon needs no introduction as the largest direct to consumer bike shop in the world. This applies to Singapore as well. Instead of going through layers of distributers, sub-distributers and even sub-sub distributers which increases cost to the end consumer through the infinite layer cake, Canyon chooses very deliberately to sell directly to the end consumer. This means that they are able to deliver quality bikes that would typically cost an arm and a leg more if sold under a different brand. Regardless of the type of bicycle you would like, Canyon pretty much has you covered. The only drawback we would say about Canyon is that you don’t typically get to test out the bicycle before buying. That said, this can be circumvented if you know somebody who has a Canyon bike in the same model that you would like to purchase, and you could test ride their bicycle instead. Checkout their website at

No.4: Heap Hong & Co

This shop is a modest neighbourhood bike shop that punches well above its weight. Run by two friendly uncles, they’ll be sure to be able to solve any of your bicycle problems or recommend you a perfect bicycle for your needs, especially if you’re on a budget. Watching the uncles at work here is truly like magic as they’ll fix the problem with your bike in the blink of an eye. They sell bikes that are perfect from commuting short distances and even china carbon that packs a mean punch. If you’re looking for a new bicycle definitely checkout this dynamic duo. They also sell a bunch of spare parts that’s really great if you’re out on a ride and you blow a tube or need a tire change/headset tightening. Unfortunately, they do not have a website so we’ll be leaving their address here instead at 683 Tessensohn Rd, #01-113, Singapore 210683

No.5 Decathlon Singapore

We all know somebody that owns a decathlon bikes. That’s because they are cheap and good. There is no denying that. The french megastore has managed to amass such great economies of scale that they are able to deliver super high quality bicycles that their competitors simply can’t match at their price point. Yes, it’s branded decathlon and yes, it’s not a very flashy or well perceived brand but quality is quality. From city bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes and even road bikes, Decathlon truly has it all. We recommend test riding a decathlon bike of similar specifications to that of a competitor’s if you don’t mind the ubiquity in branding. Checkout their range at
April 24, 2022

How to Cycle Confidently on the Road in one Month

How to start cycling on the road confidently. Learn how to take the right steps to commute like a pro on a bicycle.
April 04, 2022

The Quick Guide to Bicycle Locks

Here's a simplified guide on 4 of the most common types of bicycle locks!

1. U-locks

The U-lock works like a giant padlock, and it's one of the oldest types of bicycle locks that is still widely used today. It's popular due to its simple but effective design. It also serves as a powerful visual deterrent.


Recommendation: ULAC Brooklyn (S$39). The issue with most U-locks is that they are typically heavy and inconvenient to carry around. You won't have this problem with the ULAC Brooklyn which weights only 335g!

2. Chain Locks

When it comes to chain locks, there is a wide variety to choose from depending on the choice of links and chains. They all work the same way by securing the chain to an immobile object.


Recommendation: ULAC 52nd Street (S$21) Versatile and lightweight, the ULAC 52nd Street chain lock consists of 120cm hardened steel chain that is long enough to lock up to two bikes! Covered in a fashionable sleeve, the resettable combination lock mechanism boasts up to 10,000 combos. Forget about having to carry keys around with you again!

3. Cable Locks

Flexible and lightweight, cable locks are popular due to their convenient and fuss free nature. However, cable locks are more vulnerable compared to other lock types. Accordingly, it is not advisable to use them as your primary lock.


Recommendation: Prague Cable Lock (S$34) Weighing only 210g, this 55cm long lightweight cable lock is incredibly easy to carry around. Best part? it features a 6mm braided steel cable and a combination lock with up to 10,000 combos to enhance its security level.

4. Folding Locks

Folding locks are a great alternative to the above locks as they are a compromise between U locks and chain locks. They have more lock options than a chain lock, more portable than a U-locks, and stronger than cable locks.


Recommendation: Monoblade (S$47) Secure, easy-to-use folding lock embedded with solid steel and beautifully engineered. Monoblade comes with a velcro style bracket to secure the lock anywhere on a bike.

September 29, 2021