3045 URN No Frills Light Saddle

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No-Frills, Lightweight Bicycle Saddle for Minimalist Cyclists

Product Description

Introducing our no-frills, lightweight bicycle saddle designed for the minimalist cyclist. Made with high-quality materials, this saddle is perfect for those who prefer a sleek and simple design without compromising on comfort.

The saddle's minimalistic design makes it lightweight, which translates to faster and more comfortable rides. Its streamlined shape also allows for more freedom of movement, making it an excellent choice for those who engage in competitive cycling.

Despite its minimalistic design, this saddle doesn't skimp on comfort. It is made with high-density foam and a durable, water-resistant cover that provides ample cushioning and support.

If you're a cyclist looking for a no-nonsense, lightweight saddle that doesn't compromise on comfort, our latest offering is the perfect choice. Upgrade your bike and enjoy faster, more comfortable rides with our minimalist saddle.

Technical Specifications

Width: 145mm

Length: 268mm

Weight: 389g