Eyelight Front

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Color: Silver, Black

Mount: Normal

Function: Strong → Medium → Weak → Flashing → OFF

Maximum lumen (lm): 300

Body size (mm): 30 x 35

Battery system: USB charging (micro Type-B)

Maximum use time: 4 hours continuous lighting / 8 hours continuous flashing

Charging time: 2 hours

・Lithium-ion battery is included.
・Please make sure to tighten the silicone cover on the cable socket when using.
・Please adjust the position of the mount so that the KiLEY logo is facing upwards.

Setting up the light
For normal type
1. Fasten the mount with the supplied bolts, washers, and nuts to the location where you want to install the light.
2. Adjust the direction of the mount and attach the light body. Depending on your ideas, you can attach the light in a variety of places.


Front fork dowel hole
Around the brake pads
Above the brake (requires optional stay for fork)

Charging the light
1. Remove the light body from the mount.
2. Remove the silicone cover, plug the USB cable (micro USB Type-B), and charge the battery.
* Please note that it may not be possible to insert the cable all the way if the USB cable is too thick due to the structure of the light.
3. The light will blink red while charging.
4. When charging is complete, the light will stop blinking.