Jordaan Mens 3S

By Lekker
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Introducing the Jordaan Series, featuring both a Men's and Women's edition. This collection embodies the timeless charm of Dutch vintage bicycles, infused with contemporary enhancements for seamless urban travel. True to our rich Dutch heritage, we have crafted these bikes to exude an air of relaxed sophistication, while ensuring utmost comfort.

The Jordaan embraces a design philosophy centered around practicality and a pleasurable riding experience. Crafted from a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame, these bicycles require zero maintenance and are resistant to rust. We have equipped them with wide tires, dual hand brakes, and an exquisitely comfortable saddle that guarantees unparalleled riding pleasure. Effortlessly, the Jordaan will transport you through the city in absolute ease, offering unrivaled comfort and undeniable style.

Our selection of Shimano Internal gear hubs for the Jordaan Collection reflects our commitment to excellence. The Nexus hub, shielded against grease and dirt, demands no maintenance whatsoever. The Shimano Nexus 3 Speed hub is flawlessly suited for urban areas and rural routes alike.

The Jordaan 3-speed men's series arrives in a sleek Satin Black finish, complemented by brown tires. Additionally, it features a front and rear rack, Spanninga Lights, and a kickstand—everything you could possibly require for a truly satisfying riding experience.