Metal Bullet Light

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Color: Silver, Black


Maximum lumen (lm): 105

Body size (mm): 66.5×105

Battery system: AAA battery x 4 pcs.

Maximum usable time: 8 hours of continuous lighting / 16 hours of continuous flashing

* The usable time will vary depending on the operating conditions.

・The main body of the light is made of steel. If it is exposed to rain for a long time or left wet for a long time, it may rust.
・The attached stay is made of stainless steel, but like the main body of the light, if it is exposed to rain for a long period of time, it may rust and lose its strength.
・When replacing the batteries, please make sure that the claws are firmly in place. If the claws are not firmly in place and there is a gap, water may enter the light body in the rain, that may be the cause of the malfunction.
・Do not throw away the black cover that covers the battery compartment, which protects the batteries from water leaks.

Replacing the batteries
1. Press the two batteries replacement tabs at the same time.
2. While pressing the tabs, pull the battery component toward you.
3. Remove the black protective cover from the battery component.
4. Install the four AAA batteries, paying attention to the + and - directions.
5. Put the black cover back on and slide it back in.
6. Ensure the tabs are in place. You will hear a small click sound when you put the cover on the light body.