Oaken Dry Lubricant

By Oaken
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Oaken carefully selects plant-based and biodegradable ingredients to maintain our bikes while being kinder to the environment!

With Oaken, you'll be able to keep your performance high at all times!

Proudly developed in Germany and made in the Republic of Taiwan.

Dry Lubricant 120ml

At 120ml, this is much larger than your standard lube bottle, both saving the environment and enabling you to go longer. Dry Lubricants are suitable for dry climates and environments, such as gravel sections of BMX, MTB riding, etc. In addition to providing lubrication, it reduces dirt adhesion.


 Suitable for dry climates and environments

⚫ Provides lubricating performance in dusty, rocky, and dirty environments

⚫ Keep the chains, freewheel, and derailleur working well



Capacity | 120 ml


Contents | Nano-grade metal lubricant

Attribute | Dry