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Regardless of what make or model of bicycle (whether purchased from us or not), we are here to help! From flat tires, loose headsets, spongy brakes, slow shifting and more, send your bike in for our repair services.

Installation of Unspokin products $10 $10
Tube change (exclusive of tube) $10
Tyre Change (exclusive of tyre) $10
Installation of your own purchased components from From $20
Mechanical brake servicing $40
Custom paint jobs From $350
Bike Wash $15
- Bike Wash & Polish $35 $35
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Lunch Break Tune Up

Duration: 6hrs


Check/Tighten Steering

Drivetrain Checkup

Brake System Checkup

Check/Pump Tyres

Degreasing and Regreasing of Chain

Adjustment of Existing Components (if necessary, replacements will be advised)

Full Drivetrain Servicing

Duration: 2 to 5 days


Removal and cleaning of Front and Rear Derailleur

Removal of Crankset

Removal of Cassette

Degreasing and Regreasing of Chain

Full Servicing of All Drivetrain Components

Re-installation of Drivetrain Components (if necessary, replacements will be advised)

Bicycle Overhaul

Duration: 6 to 8 days

$300 ($120 for Unspokin Bikes)

Removal of Headset

Removal of Bottom Bracket

Deep Cleaning of All Components

Wheel Alignment

Full Bolt Inspection and Adjustment According to Torque

All Items Included in Lunch Break Tune Up & Full Drivetrain Servicing