Bordo Lite 6055C/85

By Abus
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BORDO™ LITE 6055C/85
With a total weight of 440 g and its compact size, the BORDO Lite 6055C is the ideal lightweight lock for roadbike- or mountainbike rides.

BORDO™ Lite 6055
Combo The lightweight lock
At just 440 g, the BORDO Lite 6055C Mini is a lightweight lock and offers perfect security-weight ratio.

Thanks to the individually configurable digit code, you no longer have to take an additional key with you during bike rides. Due to its small size, the BORDO Lite Mini fits into every jersey pocket. If you want it even easier, you can use the bracket SH 6055 Selle Royal. This means that the BORDO Lite 6055C can be carried underneath the Selle Royal saddle to save space in the jersey pocket or on the bike frame.


Special steel design, with colour-coordinated plastic casing to prevent damage to paintwork
The bars and housing are manufactured using particularly lightweight materials and steel alloys
Bars connected with special rivets
Two-component number reels guarantee long-term readability of the digits
Individually configurable code
Perfect security-weight ratio
Incl. bracket (SH or SH Selle Royal)
Tech Specs:

Locking type: number combination