Oaken Tubeless Sealant

By Oaken
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Tubeless Sealant 120ml

The Oaken Tubeless Sealant is a Lightweight and smooth-flowing solution which can fill up to 6 mm of damage on the tire without sticky matter. It has good heat, air and water resistance but cleaned off with water.


 Quickly and effectively fills the tire punctures

⚫ Seals porous tires and holes up to 6mm

 Won't leave sticky matter

⚫ It's ammonia-free, non-corrosive and easily washes off with water

⚫ It uses metal particles and butyl latex as a combination, which has good heat, air and water resistance.


Capacity | 120 ml


Contents | Butyl latex, SBR 2-butoxyethanol


Attribute |  Tubeless Sealant