Oaken E-Bike & Belt Drive Lubricant

By Oaken
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Oaken carefully selects plant-based and biodegradable ingredients to maintain our bikes while being kinder to the environment!

With Oaken, you'll be able to keep your performance high at all times!

Proudly developed in Germany and made in the Republic of Taiwan.

E-Bike belt drive system Lubricant 120ml

Due to the nature of E-Bikes producing higher speeds and torque. A specific heavy-duty lubricant is required. This can prolong the life of chains and belts with high-intensity usage. This lubricant also reduces belt slippage, ensuring that the power transmission is not lost.


 Prolongs life of E-Bike chains and belts

 Reduce the adhesion of dust and oil contamination

 Reduce the chances of slippage, ensuring power transmission is not lost

 Reduces friction and prolongs chain and belt life


Capacity | 120 ml


Contents | Silicone, surfactants, LPG


Attribute | E-Bike