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The TRENDO headlamp hints back to a time when bicycle lights were simple and clean. A shell-shaped housing and visor integrated in the glass. A beautiful and safe addition to your retro bike!

The TRENDO headlamp is a beautiful front light in a retro design, which matches perfectly with old-school bikes, like classic Dutch bicycles, cargo bikes and cruiser bikes. This light truly revives nostalgia with its look from the 50’s, while its modern LED technology brings the TRENDO up-to-date to current days! The TRENDO is the little brother of the SWINGO headlamp and together with the NR 9 and SPX rearlights, they offer a full set of retro bicycle lights. The TRENDO is available in a dynamo and battery version. The battery version comes in a black and chrome finishing.

Functions & Performance
The battery version of the TRENDO headlamp works with 3x AA batteries (supplied with the headlamp). It offers an impressive burntime of 100h. The light output of 10 Lux is achieved by only 1 bright white LED and gives the bicycle rider a sight of 20 meters and a visibility distance up to 1500 meters.

The TRENDO produces a powerful light beam of 10 Lux, which is conform to Danish standards.

Technical Specifications

Versions: XB

Light source: 1 white LED > 10 Lux

Power source: Batteries 3 x AA 1.5V


Max. 100h
Danish regulation : max. 180h

Weight: <130g